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Cross-border M&A opportunities in one location

20 minutes is all it takes

Discover the power of pre-arranged private meetings with M&A International Inc professionals from around the globe to identify opportunities based on yoru geographical and sector interestes.  They have the experience and know-how to help you explore and prgroess your strategic M&A objectives, all in one day, all in one location.

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Thursday 12 November 2015

Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky


the Netherlands

The M&A Mid-Market Forum (MMF) is an invitation-only event exclusively reserved for clients who are interested in investigating M&A opportunities in different countries with the assistance of M&A International Inc.  The Forum is designed specifically to help clients progress their M&A Strategy, and to discuss and generate business opportunities through a series of private meetings. 

Private meeting with M&A professionals are at the heart of this event.  After registration a personalised schedule of one-to-one meetings, each lasting 20-40 minutes will then be set up for you.  This highly structed timetable optimises your valuable time.  These initial private meetings can be followed up with subsequent in-depth meetings to assist and advise on your buy-side or sell-side objectives.