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The Mid-Market Deals 2014 Conference

Data and Case Studies on Recent Deals

Mid-Market firms are the unsung heroes of the economic landscape, with firms in this segment occupying an increasingly important part of the European economy. In the UK alone, some 28,000 Mid-Market companies delivered over one third of the total economic contribution. This position is reflected in the larger countries across Europe (Germany, France and Italy) which also generate about one third of private sector revenue and employ about a third of each country’s workforce [source: GE Capital]. It is therefore hardly surprising that there is plenty of scope for corporate finance transactions – acquisitions, disposals, management buy-outs, refinancings and even stock market flotations – within this firmament.

This conference addresses many of the types of deal that have been taking place in the mid-market over the past year and looks forward to 2015. It focusses in particular on acquisitions and disposals, examining the different methodologies deployed by corporates in their quest to bring about a successful transaction and enhance shareholder value. It also places considerable emphasis on the use and availability of debt finance, exploring the various ways in which debt can be introduced into a deal and the properties of the suitable debt instruments. The overseas dimension regarding disposals, which has of course become more relevant in recent years, is considered with interesting examples, and the conference also covers the latest developments in the world of management buy-outs. No conference on mid-market deals would be complete, however, without a review of the latest trends in valuation, and this issue is also given prominence.

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