Ask the right questions
Ask the right questions

Ask the right questions

Maximising your value for sale means approaching questions from a different perspective to when you're running a business as usual.

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Exit Review

When you start thinking of selling your business you’ll want to be sure you’ve done everything possible to maximise the value of your company. Preparation is key to achieving the highest valuation and making the transaction as smooth as possible.

At Cavendish we’ve developed an Exit Strategy & Planning process that we put in place between 6 and 18 months before the start of a sale exercise. Over the past 30 years we’ve honed and refined this process, based upon our experiences advising on the sale of over 600 businesses.

The Exit Strategy & Planning

Has three key objectives:

Conduct an
external assessment

To conduct an external assessment of the business to ensure that you are focusing on the key drivers that will increase its exit price

Determine the best exit route

To determine the best exit route and position the business in the most appealing way to potential buyer

Identify any weakness

To identify any weakness a buyer would highlight during the due diligence process

Throughout the entire process, we focus on managing risks to prevent “price chipping”. We help you collate a clear trail of financial performance records and identify and address potential due diligence issues.

We also prompt you to seek timely tax advice both for your business and to get maximum personal benefit out of advanced tax planning.

The Exit

The Exit Strategy & Planning key output is a top-level action plan aimed at increasing valuation which includes:

  • Strategic plan and operational improvement plan
  • Plan for positioning the business to optimise the multiple
  • Plan to fit potential buyers strategy including valuation of potential synergies
  • Actions to reduce due diligence risks
  • Actions implementation tracker

for Buyers

Through our rigorous research, we identity the right buyers for you and help optimise your business from their perspective. That means improving operations, developing a growth strategy, differentiating your offering in the marketplace structuring management team in the right way.


We identify key multiple drivers specific to your business and help you answer questions such as: should I make investment into brand, do I consider international expansion, do I grow business organically or through an acquisition, how do I need to alter my customer mix.


We help you maximise maintainable profits in the given timeframe through improving operational efficiencies, capturing clearly costs of fulfilling you customer contracts, adjusting your revenue streams, distinguishing between “normal” and non-recurring costs.

What our clients say

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    Andrew Leigh | Founder and Shareholder of John Ross Junior (Aberdeen) Limited
  • “This new investment and partnership is a very exciting opportunity for myself and our fantastic management team to both consolidate and nurture our existing long-term client relationships as well...

    John Stevenson | CEO ACT Clean
  • Thank you so much for your efforts and teamwork in selling RPS! Your approach and process was vital to our successful sale of the Company. In particular, the initiation of a excellent and...

    Adrienne MacMillan | CFO Rapidscan Pharm Solutions Inc
  • “This marks a significant opportunity for our partners, customers and people as we become part of the global Kyocera family and continue the journey we started back in 1988. When looking for an...

    Andrew Harman | co-founder of Annodata
  • I’d like to warmly congratulate Jonathan Buxton, Michael Jewell and the team at Cavendish on the successful sale of Tristar Worldwide Ltd to the Addison Lee Group. I’d like to place on...

    Andy Nash | Chairman of Tristar Worldwide
  • The Cavendish Team, led by Michael Jewell, did an excellent job managing a well-orchestrated auction process and ensuring the smooth closing of the transaction in a timely manner. They were...

    Rhian Griffith | Representative of the Shareholders at SG Court
  • The Cavendish team worked seamlessly with their international partners to find the right buyer and guide us through every step of the sale process. This is a great outcome for both the shareholders...

    Ben Lane | Co-founder of ALC
  • “It was a great pleasure to be working with Cavendish again, following the Aurum sale process. The Cavendish team worked hard and were very committed to achieving the best result for the...

    Justin Stead | CEO of Radley
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