The financing landscape continues to evolve in the UK Mid-Market as banks are increasingly being displaced by the rise in alternative lenders.

The result is an ever increasing number of options for borrowers and a requirement to fully understand current market participants and their underlying product offering as part of any debt transaction.

As a result, the need for an experienced debt advisor to help borrowers navigate the lending universe is becoming increasingly prevalent.

Our Debt Advisory team specialises in providing independent advice to a range of borrowers including private equity funds, family-owned businesses, and other privately owned and publicly-listed companies.

We are committed to the UK Mid-Market but also benefit from complementary debt advisory services across our international Oaklins network.

We advise companies across a range of different scenarios including M&A, sell-side processes and refinancing & recapitalising existing businesses.

Through our extensive network of over 100 debt providers across the banking and alternative lender markets, we will source the optimal capital solution for your business.

We have a track record of delivering debt transactions from both an advisory as well as principal lending perspective, providing clients with the benefit of experience “on the other side of the table”.

For further information, please contact our Debt Advisory partner, Alistair Hay.