MAI%20header%20with%20world%20map%20on%20itCavendish is a member of M&A International Inc., the world’s leading international M&A alliance.

M&A International Inc. offers the unparalleled resources of 46 M&A advisory and investment banking firms operating in 40 countries. Our partners are closely linked in a global alliance to advise clients on acquisitions and also divestitures, funding and joint ventures.

Focused on the middle market, M&A International members closed 344 deals in 2015, some 107 cross-border, worth US$19.4 billion.

M&A International is one of the longest established and mergers and acquisitions organisations. Founded in 1985, today the alliance has more than 600 professional M&A specialists who, on average, complete at least one corporate transaction every day, all year round.The mergers and acquisitions market is increasingly global and many company disposals attract interest from overseas purchasers. Membership of M&A International Inc. enables Cavendish to locate the strongest domestic and international buyers who are willing to pay the highest premium. By working with our international team, you can be assured of having more options than selling to a domestic competitor.

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