The demands of an ageing population combined with the need to rein in National Health Service budgets have helped healthcare outsourcing to become a major growth sector.

Analyst predict £20bn of contracts will be awarded to private companies in the next few years as GP commissioning gains momentum and the government pursues cost efficient alternatives to hospital care.

Bringing in private companies, whatever it is diagnostics or  practical care is already standard practice in the UK market.

A multitude of business are crossing into the medical area from consulting, technology and business services in concerted efforts to capitalise on the expanding potential that shifts in structure and culture have brought.

In the global context, business opportunities have never been greater. In OECD countries between 6% (Mexico) and 15% (USA) of GDP is currently spent on health.

At Cavendish, we understand the space, the people, the regulation complexities and the importance of intellectual property on a worldwide scale.

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Recent deals for this sector

  • Vendor

    Rapidscan Pharm Solutions Inc

    Acquirer / Investor GE Healthcare

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  • Vendor

    SG Court

    Acquirer / Investor Paydens Limited

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  • Vendor

    Periproducts Limited

    Acquirer / Investor Venture Life Group Plc

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  • Vendor

    DB Ashbourne Limited

    Acquirer / Investor Ethypharm S.A.

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  • Vendor

    CDC Complete tandzorg

    Acquirer / Investor G Square

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  • Vendor

    Barbican Dental Care

    Acquirer / Investor BUPA

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  • Vendor

    Polar Speed

    Acquirer / Investor UPS

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  • Vendor

    Kent Pharmaceuticals

    Acquirer / Investor DCC

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  • Vendor

    Double Helix Bio-Technology Limited

    Acquirer / Investor McCann Health , part of The Interpublic Group of Companies Inc New York

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  • Vendor

    YorkTest Laboratories Limited

    Acquirer / Investor Ingemino Limited

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  • Vendor

    Finsbury Orthopaedics

    Acquirer / Investor DePuy Orthopaedics Inc.

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  • Vendor

    Healthcare company

    Acquirer / Investor Debt advisory

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What our clients say

  • Thank you so much for your efforts and teamwork in selling RPS! Your approach and process was vital to our successful sale of the Company. In particular, the initiation of a excellent and...

    Adrienne MacMillan | CFO Rapidscan Pharm Solutions Inc
  • The Cavendish Team, led by Michael Jewell, did an excellent job managing a well-orchestrated auction process and ensuring the smooth closing of the transaction in a timely manner. They were...

    Rhian Griffith | Representative of the Shareholders at SG Court
  • ‘The Cavendish team were of great assistance throughout the sale process and in particular finding us the most fitting acquirer, helped by their strong networks in healthcare and their...

    Richard Benholt | Managing Director of Periproducts
  • At this critical stage in the business it has been important that we make all of the right decisions along the way and appointing Cavendish was one of these key decisions. We have worked with very...

    Julian Shovlin | Founder and CEO of iSmash
  • “Cavendish were a fantastic partner for World First throughout the investment process. We were impressed with their knowledge, level of service and professionalism and we are very excited about...

    Neil Sikka | Founder Barbican Dental Care
  • “Gordon and Mike have built a strong relationship with the shareholders over the last three years, helping us to identify the right potential strategic partner and clearly articulating the...

    Alan Cheshire | Former Chairman and a Founding Shareholder of Polar Speed
  • Cavendish were a great adviser throughout the process. They knew how to handle whatever situation occurred and the team were a total pleasure to work with. Thanks to their involvement, we drew a...

    Alex Farrel | Managing Director of The IT Job Board
  • “I wanted to express my personal thanks to you for all your efforts in achieving a successful sale of Yorktest. I never knew how stressful and complex the sale process could be. I really do...

    John Graham|Former Chairman of Yorktest
  • “Cavendish’s Exit Review allowed us to align and mobilize all stakeholders on the key priorities that have the most impact on valuation over a 6-18 month period – a very valuable...

    Terry Lee|Chairman, SENAD