Businesses in the technology sector are focused on delivering progress through innovation – and by its nature the market for tech ventures is constantly evolving.

Technology is often seen in the context of traditional IT such as networks, web services and software development, but the actual scope is far wider.

Cutting edge digital economy businesses make up a large part of the sector, but the range of what is considered a technology business does not end at the IT level. There is a significant crossover into other sectors such as healthcare, finance, media, industrials and beyond.

The metrics when marketing tech businesses are complex. In fact, the market shifts almost as fast as the technologies themselves.

Valuations are rarely driven by profits alone; price multiples for technology-based businesses depend on profitability, revenue, barriers to entry, peer group activity and more.

At Cavendish, our strength comes from our understanding of the valuation dynamics of the different sub-sectors.

Technology is global, it knows no geographical boundaries, so the worldwide reach of Oaklins is a winning card we are happy to play on behalf of our clients.

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Recent deals for this sector

  • Vendor


    Acquirer / Investor Helios

  • Vendor

    Blayhall Payroll Limited (trading as Star Computers)

    Acquirer / Investor Iris Software Limited (backed by HgCapital)

  • Vendor

    OneStep Solutions (Resources) Limited & OneStep Solutions LLP

    Acquirer / Investor Civica

  • Vendor

    Alston Elliot Limited

    Acquirer / Investor Inflexion Private Equity

  • Vendor

    AVA Monitoring

    Acquirer / Investor SDIPTECH

  • Vendor

    Property Search Group

    Acquirer / Investor Property Information Exchange

  • Vendor

    Halo Insurance Services Limited

    Acquirer / Investor A joint venture with Cover More Travel Insurance & Zurich Insurance

  • Vendor

    Annodata Limited

    Acquirer / Investor KYOCERA Corporation

  • Vendor

    MVF Global (Marketing VF) Limited

    Acquirer / Investor Bridgepoint Development Capital

  • Vendor

    Micad Systems (UK) Limited

    Acquirer / Investor Young Associates

  • Vendor

    Avantia Limited

    Acquirer / Investor ECI Partners

  • Vendor

    Datong plc

    Acquirer / Investor Seven Technologies

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What our clients say

  • “This marks a significant opportunity for our partners, customers and people as we become part of the global Kyocera family and continue the journey we started back in 1988. When looking for an...

    Andrew Harman | co-founder of Annodata
  • “We made absolutely the right choice in appointing Cavendish. Michael Jewell and the team were instrumental in getting us the deal we wanted. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to...

    Titus Sharpe | CEO of MVF
  • “When looking for an advisor we decided we wanted someone who had specific experience in negotiating within the Private Equity space. It requires some additional skills to those needed in a...

    Phillip Walter | CEO of Avantia and HomeProtect
  • “Cavendish introduced us to GE and managed the negotiation and coordinated the transaction due diligence. Their involvement was instrumental to the deal being...

    Zvi Schreiber|CEO of Lightech

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