The Exit Review has three key objectives:

  • To conduct an external assessment of the business to ensure that the client is focusing on the key drivers that will increase its exit price.
  • To position the business in the most appealing way to potential buyers.
  • To identify any weaknesses a buyer would highlight during the due diligence process.

It is focused on:

  • Obtaining the highest EBIT level in the time-frame.
  • Providing an indication of valuations based on comparable EBIT multiples.
  • Assessing how different buyers will value the business and position it accordingly.
  • Manage risks so that they do not affect price

Its key output is a top level action plan aimed at increasing valuation which includes:

  • Strategic plan (organic growth and by acquisition) and operational improvement plan.
  • Plan for positioning business to fit buyer’s strategy including the valuation of potential synergies.
  • Actions to reduce risk factors.
  • Strategic framework review, etc. A review process to ensure actions are implemented.