The Equity Fundraising division of Cavendish was established in 2008 to assist clients with both their equity and debt requirements. This is essential in current market conditions as both the equity and debt markets are in a constant state of change and clients need an advisor who has an intimate knowledge of all the capital providers to ensure the business funding needs are met.


Our Equity Fundraising experts bring together the combined knowledge and experience of both equity and debt to ensure clients’ needs can be met over the course of a business life cycle. This combined skill-set is considered critical as we work with the client to ensure it has the optimum capital structure throughout its tenure, raising debt or equity finance when required and to ensure the cost of capital remains at its lowest. Cavendish therefore assists clients with both positive situations, such as raising development capital or debt to fund growth, and negative situations, such as managing a refinancing and covenant negotiations. Overall the aim is to ensure the client remains in control of the process and receives the best terms in the market.


Cavendish’s Equity Fundraising team has an in-depth knowledge of the capital provider community, ranging from debt providers, venture capital, private equity, alternative investors and high net worth investors, to meet the many needs of a client. Furthermore we have a strong understanding of what investors and lenders look for in new deals having closed a large number of deals as a principal. This is considered essential in this challenging market where capital has become scarce as clients need to ensure that their funding proposition is introduced to the appropriate institutions and the funding opportunity has been thoroughly planned and prepared to ensure there is the maximum chance for success.


This area is split into two broad services, Equity Fundraising and Debt Advisory, and can be used together or separately depending on the individual needs of the client.
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