The healthcare sector is supported by some very strong fundamentals including demographic changes, the widening availability of treatments and continued innovation across pharma devices and diagnostics, not to mention the application of technology to traditional treatment methods.

In the UK, the need to achieve improved outcomes from National Health Service spending has helped healthcare outsourcing become a major growth sector. Analysts predict £20bn of contracts will be awarded to private companies in the next few years as GP commissioning gains momentum and the government pursues cost efficient alternatives to hospital care. Bringing in private companies, whatever it is diagnostics or practical care is already standard practice in the UK market.

We expect the continued adoption of modern technology to the healthcare sector as well as an increase in investment in social care as individuals become more demanding about a customer-centric approach to their healthcare needs. We also expect there to be a focus on chronic condition management and investment in supporting mental wellness.

A multitude of businesses are crossing into the medical area from consulting, technology and business services in concerted efforts to capitalise on the expanding potential that shifts in structure and culture will continue to bring.

In the global context, business opportunities have never been greater. In OECD countries between 6% (Mexico) and 15% (USA) of GDP is currently spent on health.

At Cavendish, we understand the space, the people, the regulation complexities and the importance of intellectual property on a worldwide scale.


Cavendish announces the sale of Avicenna Holdings to Juno Health

Cavendish advised on the successful acquisition of Avicenna Holdings Limited by Juno Health Limited. Avicenna comprises 21 pharmacies, as well as a buying group operation serving more than 1,000 independent pharmacies.

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