Private company fundraising

Fundraising is at the core of our private company offering. Our process is designed to minimise the impact on your company while ensuring the best possible outcome. We do this by matching your funding requirements with the most appropriate source of capital from our diverse network of potential funders.

We offer support for established companies seeking in excess of £2m of growth capital, but we’d love to discuss your options.

Private company fundraising services

Private companies have a wide range of options available to facilitate growth and aren’t necessarily hindered by the same level of restrictions as public enterprises. Knowing which investments better suit private companies needs the kind of expertise finnCap can provide.

When it comes to private company fundraising, there are several types of investors we raise funds from. These can include:

  •       Venture capital funds
  •       Private equity funds
  •       Tax-efficient funds
  •       Quoted company institutional investors
  •       Family offices 
  •       Strategic investors and corporate venturing arms
  •       Venture debt and challenger banks


What forms of finances are raised in private company fundraising?

We raise all forms of finance, including:

  •       Growth capital
  •       Acquisition finance
  •       Debt

As part of the finnCap Group we can offer a truly agnostic eventual exit through our IPO experts in the finnCap Public Markets team or sell-side M&A experts at Cavendish Corporate Finance.

Companies with an interest in selling who are currently trying to weigh the pros and cons of IPO over private sales may be interested in our Dual Track services.


Accessing capital that is appropriate

We are focused on identifying the right source of capital for you, not just any source of capital.

We have a diverse network of funders we work with, and we want them to be as happy in their investment as you are with your funding partner.


Understanding fundraising trends

Fundraising today isn’t the same as it was five years ago and understanding what the landscape is like right now can help you make a much more informed decision.

As part of the award-winning  financial research we carry out, clients know where their value lies, what growth potential there is, and what specific sectors are like just now.

Why choose us?

  • Friendly, approachable team
  • Intimate knowledge and comprehensive access to our network of investors
  • Experience in scaling up businesses with clear commercial traction

The private growth market continues to boom. We provide a range of services and expertise in raising growth capital for private companies.

What can we help you achieve?

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