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Helping Make Positive Change Through Our Community Engagement

At Cavendish, we are committed to giving back to the community and supporting the charitable endeavours of our staff. In line with our focus on collaborating with small and mid-cap companies, we have directed our support in 2024 towards smaller charities. We believe that our contributions can make a significant impact on these smaller organisations. Beyond financial donations, we encourage our staff to actively engage by contributing their time and skills. Each employee is eligible for volunteer days during the year to support these charitable causes.

Additionally we support to various charitable initiatives, such as volunteering at Whitechapel kitchen, participating in Moo Canal clearing, and engaging in the Macmillan Cake Sale. These efforts reflect our dedication to making a positive impact and fostering a culture of giving within Cavendish.


The Agoonoree Scout Camp takes Scouts with special needs away camping every year. The aim of the camp is to give young people a week of adventurous and challenging activities, in a safe and supportive environment. The camp is heavily subsidised so no one needs to miss out. Every year we lose money, so fund raising is vital for us to be able to continue. All the money we raise is spent directly on the camp, all our volunteers work for nothing and pay to attend the camp. Thanks to generous supporters like you, this year will be our 72nd annual camp.

Evie’s Night Owls

Evie’s Night Owls was founded by Sam and Lee Bladon in memory of their daughter Evie who sadly passed away at the age of 3 in 2015. Due to oxygen deprivation at birth in 2012, Evie suffered severe brain damage and lived with multiple life-limiting conditions, which resulted in the need for constant care.

In addition to looking after Evie, Sam and Lee had two other young children, and as a result, a full night’s sleep was very rare.  It took a 3 week stay in intensive care for Evie to qualify for any publicly funded overnight respite care at home. Although there is support for day respite care and limited hospice support, the necessary overnight respite care that many families need is not often provided. Through Evie’s Night Owls, The Bladons want to support other families like theirs by being able to provide some overnight respite at home for families in a similar situation to them.

Iggy’s Fund

Iggy’s Fund was set up in loving memory of Alan Igglesden, England and Kent cricketer, after losing his long and hard-fought battle with brain tumour in November of 2021. After Alan’s diagnosis, brother Kevin, the Igglesden family and a small group of friends started raising funds for brain tumour research and to support those suffering from this awful disease, totalling over £350,000. The charity strives to continue with this aim and extend its reach to promote community participation in healthy recreation, help provide valued funding by way of grants to the most financially challenged young people so they too can enjoy the life changing benefits of sport, protect the physical and mental health of sufferers of brain tumours and working with other specialist charities, assist with advancing education and or research in the field of brain tumours.  

The overwhelming theme of the charity is to organise and deliver inclusive and friendly events, like our annual Iggy Golf Day and a full fixture list for our Iggy XI cricket team, to raise valuable funds that fulfil our goals. 

UK Wild Otter Trust

The UK Wild Otter Trust (UKOWT) are a UK registered charity (1167746), with a Specialist Otter Rehabilitation Centre in Devon. Their scope covers UK and Ireland. They rescue, rehabilitate and release back into the wild, injured otters and abandoned otter cubs. UKWOT are dedicated to promoting a positive understanding of otter conservation, and raising awareness of the species through education, involvement, and engagement. UKWOT also engage with, support, advise, negotiate with, and maintain stable relationships with fishery owners and anglers, to help prevent human-otter conflict.

Making a meaningful difference

Our commitment to charitable work extends beyond financial support, focusing on empowering our employees to make a direct impact through volunteerism and active participation in community initiatives.

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