• What is the coronavirus impact on forecasts?
  • What is the corporate operational response?
  • How are companies managing cash flow?

finnCap’s Research Team has pulled together this latest report, charting the responses from AIM and quoted companies on how they’re dealing with COVID-19 and its long term impact.

Raymond Greaves, Head of Research, finnCap Group, comments: “We look at three key areas: i) how are forecasts moving; ii) what mitigation strategies are companies employing, and; iii) how are companies conserving cash.

“There are a number of interesting conclusions: i) more than a third of companies are seeing minimal impact from COVID19 and a select few are seeing benefits, but most are see significant downside and are suspending forecasts; ii) Most affected companies are cutting Opex and, to a lesser extent, Capex; iii) the most popular strategy to conserve cash is to cut or defer the dividend.”