What are the 5 dimensions of great FDs?

In partnership with Acuity Associates, our latest podcast – which you can listen to here – discusses how the most agile FDs/CFOs can help businesses thrive through the coronavirus crisis and emerge out the other side in a good position.

Acuity Associates finds and recruits Finance Directors and CFOs whose skills include readying business for sale or other significant liquidity events. Acuity Associates’ mission is to strengthen finance teams through the application of its proprietary The Acuity MethodTM. The Acuity MethodTM validates accountants’ technical skills. i.e. their ability to be effective in their roles.

The Acuity MethodTM assesses FDs/CFOs’ capabilities according to the ‘5D FD’, the five dimensions of the Finance Director. Acuity Associates’ whitepaper. Download it here: 5D FD – Benchmarking the 5 Dimensional Finance Director

Ben Mekie, Director at Acuity Associates, explains more about 5D FD in this second podcast.

Listen to the recording below