In our latest podcast we hear from the voices of UK private equity on the rising importance of ESG and the influence on their portfolios.

While it is certainly not news that ESG – environmental, social and governance commitments – is an important driver of growth amongst our SMEs in recent years, finnCap Group is witnessing more and more how ESG is inching its way up priority lists across the business spectrum. Indeed, we released our own ESG handbook and scorecard, designed to help our clients with their policy making.

The greater focus on ESG today represents a widespread response to challenges people across the world are facing. Investors on the whole are paying close attention and institutions are increasingly – noticeably – wanting to place their money with funds that are ESG-centric.

As such, our question to our panellists was simple: Are we all impact investors now?


Leigh Webb – Head of Private Equity Coverage, finnCap Group


Sam Smith – CEO – finnCap Group
Karri Vuori – Partner – Cavendish Corporate Finance
Raymond Greaves – Head of Research – finnCap Group
James Macleay – Investment Manager – Westbridge Capital
Kyle Bentwood – Origination Director – Bridges Fund Management
Tristan Craddock – Partner – Palatine Impact
Graham Morrison – Director – Alcuin Capital
Michael Hachar – Investor Relations Director – Equistone