Equity Capital Markets & Corporate Broking

An integrated approach to deliver success for our clients

We invest time and resource in understanding our clients

We have earned a reputation for delivering for our clients, whatever their sector or size. Our settled team provides an integrated approach across Corporate Finance, Corporate Broking, Research, Sales and Investor Relations, and has succeeded in delivering where others couldn’t.

We invest time and resource in understanding our clients, guiding on their strategies and then advising on how best to ensure certainty of execution on any transaction. Our capabilities include:

  • Initial public offerings (IPOs)
  • Secondary placings
  • Director sell downs
  • Accelerated bookbuilds
  • Market positioning
  • FCA sponsor services
  • AIM Nominated Adviser services
  • Block trades
  • Strategic advisory
  • Regulatory enquiries
  • Private placements
  • IR strategy
  • Global investor roadshows
  • Regional investor roadshows

Between transactions, we provide a comprehensive service to ensure that our client management teams are kept fully abreast of shareholder feedback, analysis and opportunities. Our broking efforts, with extensive investor roadshows and contact, mean that our corporate clients are never far from investors’ minds.

Our unique blend of experience and youthful energy has created a tenacity in the team and unrivalled placing power that gives our clients confidence that we will be there for them, whatever the circumstances.

Cavendish’s ECM and Corporate Broking offering is underpinned by our award winning Research. Our analysts boast a wealth of diverse expertise, drawing from direct industry experience and qualifications across a range of fields. With many years of capital markets experience, our extensive team is uniquely positioned to understand our clients’ business and operating environment, effectively communicate your investment case, and provide valuable insights to the wider investment community. We have taken an “Access-for-All” approach, with our corporate research paid for by Cavendish’s corporate clients, ensuring maximum accessibility for all investors.

Typical coverage includes:

  • Morning Notes: enabling investors to stay updated with breaking news across all our coverage areas.
  • Initiation Notes: Detailed guides to businesses, industries, and investment cases when we commence coverage of a company.
  • Quarterly Sector Notes: Insights into industry dynamics, along with a wide range of industry data and analysis.
  • Thematic Research: Highlighting specific industry or stock-specific ideas

Initial Public Offerings with Cavendish

At Cavendish, we understand that an IPO can be a transformative milestone for any entrepreneurial venture. It’s not just a funding mechanism; it’s a pivotal strategy for growth, visibility, and long-term success.

Why Choose an IPO?

An IPO opens the door to significant capital investment, allowing your business to expand, innovate, and compete on a larger scale.

Being a publicly traded company enhances your business’s credibility, making it more attractive to customers, partners, and potential employees.

With the influx of capital from an IPO, you can fund strategic initiatives (including acquisitions), enter new markets, and accelerate growth.

Public markets provide a transparent mechanism for valuing your company, which can be beneficial for strategic planning and future fundraising..

Why Cavendish?

With a track record of successfully guiding companies through the IPO process, Cavendish offers unparalleled IPO expertise and insight across sectors. Our seasoned professionals understand the complexities and nuances of the IPO journey.

We develop a bespoke IPO strategy that aligns with your business goals, ensuring a smooth transition to public status while maximising value.

From regulatory compliance and financial structuring to market positioning and investor relations, we provide end-to-end support throughout the IPO process.

Our extensive network ensures that your IPO gains the attention and traction it deserves.

Our commitment doesn’t end on the day of the IPO. We offer ongoing advisory services to help you navigate the post-IPO landscape and continue driving shareholder value.

Embarking on an IPO is a significant step that requires meticulous planning and execution.

At Cavendish, we are dedicated to making this complex process as seamless and rewarding as possible,
turning your entrepreneurial vision into a publicly recognised success.

Contact us today to learn more about how Cavendish can assist you in
achieving a successful IPO, positioning your business for future growth, and unlocking new opportunities.

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