Deciding to sell your business is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make as a founder. But just when you think the sleepless nights are over, you’ve got to deal with the next big question: when to sell? Finding the right moment is crucial – it can be the difference between a significant increase in value, and a sale not happening at all.

So when should you sell? Short of finding a crystal ball, there’s no fool-proof way to pick a time to sell. There’s always a chance your business will be subject to unpredictable circumstances beyond your control.

For example anyone planning to sell their aviation company in March 2020 might have had a rude awakening when the World Health Organisation declared a pandemic and fleets across the world were grounded. But equally, a company like Slack, which enables remote working between teams, was probably quite smart to sell to Salesforce in the midst of the coronavirus crisis – the $27.7bn price tag certainly proves the point.

No one could have seen the pandemic coming, but fortunately, global health crises and other major industry-wide catastrophes are fairly rare. And there are plenty of indicators we can look out for with more certainty.

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