Vendors need to get the best deal for their business.

As the global economy grows ever more sophisticated and interconnected, it is essential for vendors to be able to draw on specialist knowledge and support if they are to realise full value on the sale of their company.

Selling a business requires expertise and tenacity. Over the past three decades, Cavendish has established itself as the leading independent mid-market adviser with a successful track record encompassing some 600 company sales.

Getting effective access to a wide range of prospective purchasers is fundamental to the success of any sale. This maximises the likelihood of fostering a competitive buyer environment – and achieving a premium price.

We’re constantly approached by prospective purchasers: because we do not charge them any fees, acquisitive companies and financial institutions are always keen to talk to us about their requirements.

This has enabled us to build a unique database of potential purchasers for mid-market UK companies. Crucially, we only ever advise vendors – avoiding any potential conflicts of interest and freeing us to focus single-mindedly on achieving the best deal for our clients.

Leveraging our association as a member firm of Oaklins – the world’s most experienced mid-market M&A advisor. Member Oaklins firms have closed over 1,500 deals in the past 5 years and to ensure the best results, we always involve industry specialists, take a global view and leverage our deep local connections. This enables Cavendish to identify purchasers from outside our clients’ immediate market. Such purchasers are often prepared to pay a premium price and open up new possibilities for your sale.

For more about what Cavendish can do for your company, see our PDF guide for business vendors: Selling Your Business – A Strategy for Success.